Ödev Yardım Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is in Turkish as the primary language, and in case of any translation errors, the Turkish version will prevail.

OY.SCHOOL ("Homework Help") website, our mobile applications ("Our Applications"), or third parties with whom we are affiliated may use their services for the processing of personal data collected through or on our applications. By using our applications, you accept the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

1. About This Privacy Policy

1.1. This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") transparently explains how data about you is collected, used, and shared by Ödev Yardım when you use one of our applications.

1.2. This Privacy Policy is applicable in addition to our Terms of Use and other policies. In case of any conflict between the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy, this Privacy Policy takes precedence.

2. What Information Do We Collect?

2.1. When you use our applications, Ödev Yardım collects certain information from you. We may also collect information from third parties such as advertising network providers and payment service providers.

These include:

Information you use for login (phone number, email address), your IP address, Google advertising ID, your general location information (country and city), and other information we receive from you, such as your name, surname, the photo you upload to the system, messages and information shared with the support team.

3. How Do We Use Your Information?

3.1. We use the information we have about you for the following purposes:
To ensure the proper functioning of our applications;
To prevent fraud and crime;
To collect and process analytical data;
To provide you with advertisements based on your interests and to send promotional messages to you via email or other communication methods;
To store the information we collect in the application;

4. Which Partners Can Access Your Data?

4.1 Advertising Network Providers

Ödev Yardım uses advertising network providers, ad exchanges, and ad servers ("Advertising Partners") to display ads on our applications or run ad campaigns on third-party games and platforms. These Advertising Partners use certain technologies to determine or predict the characteristics and preferences of their target audiences by using data collected over time from application networks to deliver ads more effectively and measure the effectiveness of ads. Ödev Yardım processes this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Depending on the scope of their services, our Advertising Partners may act as data processors or data controllers for Advertising Data. The responsibility to comply with applicable data protection laws lies with the Advertising Partners. The use of advertising technologies by third parties operating as advertising network providers is subject to their privacy policies, not this Privacy Policy. The legal basis for processing Advertising Data for targeted advertising is user consent. The legal basis for optimizing advertising campaigns with others and tracking their conversion rates is legitimate interest.

Privacy agreements of Advertising Partners:

Google: https://policies.google.com/privacy

Media.net: https://www.media.net/privacy-policy/

Openx: https://www.openx.com/legal/privacy-policy/

Pubmatic: https://pubmatic.com/legal/privacy-policy/

4.2 Analytics

Ödev Yardım collects and processes analytical data for the best solution to serve you better, address any deficiencies, fix errors, and more. We use Google Analytics in our applications.